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English I Am His Sterling Silver Poesy Ring
English I Am His Sterling Silver Poesy Ring

English: I Am His

$ 64.95

Inscribed: "My beloved is mine and I am His" From the Song of Solomon, chapter 6 verse 3 This beautiful declaration of mutual love and affection from some of the most passionate verses in the Bible is engraved on a contemporary poesy ring in silver or gold. The Song of Songs can be read on many levels. On the surface it is about romantic love but it can also be read as an allegory about the relation of the finite to the infinite making it even more complex. Traditionally though, the verse has been given as a token of love. Also available "My beloved is Mine and I Am Hers" Ring

  • Sterling Silver or Karat Gold
  • Ring Size varies but approximately 1" in diameter
  • Made in the USA