Egyptian Star Sterling Silver Necklace


The five pointed hieroglyph, Seba or star shape is a symbol of timelessness and constancy.

  • Pendant: 1/2" wide by 1/2" long
  • Chain length: 16"
  • Necklace extender available here

$ 45.75
Egyptian Star Sterling Silver Necklace

This handcrafted necklace showcase the Egyptian star.  Whatever the historic origins of the Seba or star hieroglyph, its meaning is intimately related to the ancient Egyptian's view of the afterlife and eternity. When a powerful symbol such as this one is worn, it traditionally becomes an amulet protecting the wearer. Amulets were also used in different cultures and throughout history to bring good fortune, immortality, friendship, fertility or even love. This modern silver necklace amulet has been designed with a tactile shape and surface that is meant to be touched. The inscribed Seba remembers the symbolism and wisdom of the ancients. This silver necklace is a beautiful jewelry gift under $100. offers Free Standard Shipping within the United States for orders $100.00 and over. Orders under $100.00 are a $6.45 flat rate. We also offer UPS 2nd-Day Express shipping. Rates for Express shipping are provided at checkout. Shipments to Canada are for a $15.00 flat rate via UPS Standard Shipping or USPS, or a calculated rate at checkout for UPS Saver (express shipping). Shipments to Canada may incur Canadian customs duties, taxes, and/or brokerage fees for which the customer is responsible for paying. Please note: shipping is unavailable for 1.) P.O. Box addresses, and 2.) addresses outside the United States and Canada.

Sterling silver will retain its luster for years and frequent wearing of your jewelry will help prevent tarnishing. We recommend polishing your sterling silver jewelry with a dry silver polishing cloth available at most grocery or hardware stores. We do not recommend polishing with silver polish as this may remove the antiquing. When you are not wearing your jewelry, storing your silver in the jewelry bag in which it came will help prevent tarnishing.