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French: Vous et Nul Autre
French: Vous et Nul Autre

French: Vous et Nul Autre

$ 1,355.00

Inscribed in French and English: "vous et nul autre" on the front and the translation "You and no other" on the back. The necklace is adapted from a handmade poesy ring from the 15th century, now in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The original ring was probably made in England, although the poesy inscription is in French as French remained the language of the English nobility until the late 1400s. The letters are engraved in the original Gothic script with a flower on an organic shape that invites the touch. . The power and simplicity of its declaration of love is as relevant today as it was 600 years ago and reaches to touch us across the centuries.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Organic Oval 7/8" Long
  • Chain Length 18"
  • Made in the USA